What's in the publication

Imagine you could "talk shop" with some of the most well-respected in the industry on a monthly basis. That's why we created Building Savvy. Each publication features stories of contractors contractors, remodelers, land developers, and other similar professionals in a local area, while also providing articles from experts on best practices for navigating a dynamic industry.

The housing market is an ever-changing beast. This means builders must continually think outside the box in order to stay current in design, as well as in legislation, building codes, laws, and legalities. With this challenge in mind, we created Building Savvy. 

We exist to provide resources  that help home builders stay creative and adopt best practices while running efficient businesses. For us, that means providing inspiration and guidance  from the national and state perspective, down  to the activities taking place and the issues being discussed in your own backyard. Most important, we provide insight into what your local industry peers are doing to raise the bar and set new trends in your marketplace. 







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